Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors of the Clara White Mission embody the spirit of giving to an endeavor that is greater than one’s self. Generously giving of their time, talents and expertise, the members of our Board offer the guidance needed to continue serving the most pressing needs of our community. We welcome their service with profound appreciation.

Kris Mattson
 Kris Mattson (CHAIR PRESIDENT)- is a Vice President with Citi Group.  Kris is an avid biker and also holds a black belt certification.  Kris brings her knowledge of banking, tracking and reporting of credit cards and mortgages.  She has been a more than visible part of Clara White Mission for over 20 years.  She organizes and oversees 50 or more volunteers which allows our events to be successful.
Dee Paez
Dee Paez (SECRETARY) – has been an educator for over 20  years. Before she retired, she was the owner/founder of Students First In-Home Tutoring, that focused on Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.  She is an expertise in developing lesson plans, performance testing and all aspects of business management including hiring qualified tutors and marketing.  Her experience includes teaching for the Duval County School Board before she opened her business. She has been a volunteer for the Clara White Mission for over 20 years.  She enjoys spending time with her family and her twin goddaughters.  Dee has an AA in General Education from Miami-Dade Community College and a BA in Psychology from University of North Florida.
Joe Whitaker
Joe Whitaker (TREASURER) - earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, from the University of Cincinnati in the area of Business Management and a Master’s in Finance. He is a retired Public Administrator for the City of Jacksonville. Currently, he is a consultant to the City of Jacksonville  working in the area of Economic Development, directing the OED’s small business development efforts. He helps provide incentive packages that help facilitate the expansion and relocation of business to the Jacksonville area. This efforts create new jobs and provide private capital investment for the City of Jacksonville.  He enjoys playing golf. 
Tony Brown
Tony Brown – is the President of T. Brown Consulting Group, LLC.  He has a distinguished record of achievement in the field of community development and finance.  He has dedicated his life’s work to transforming neighborhoods by helping communities and businesses secure capital to finance real estate development projects and create jobs. He has over 30 year experience in Finance and Business.  He believes that every person in every community deserves to live in a safe, secure, vibrant neighborhood that generates opportunities to lead a better life.  He knows that community-based businesses, learning centers and recreation venues are vital to making that happen.  That’s why he is committed to building a better tomorrow today.  He is both nationally and locally known for his contributions in community and economic development. He is a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio with a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs and Business. He enjoys playing golf.
Tasha Cathy
Dinah Coleman-Mason
Philip Elson II
Carlton Jones
Chaz Martin
Jason Mitchell
Michelle Paul
Kim Perry
Ephraim Riggins
Bracy Taylor
Thomas Waters
Ken Amaro
Robert Davis
Sabrina Edwards
Stephanie Fields
Jannet Walker Ford
Genda Torres
Jeff Ivan
Cindy Laquidara
Nancy Quinones
Tracy Raulerson
Kenny Santos
Travis Williams