Housing Program

The goal of the Clara White Mission’s transitional housing program is to move homeless participants to permanent housing and independent living within 24 months. Priority is given to veterans; maintaining a residency rate of 75% veterans.  Residents are required to:

• Be employed and/or currently enrolled in school.

• Participate in case-management and life-skills classes.

• Complete a mental-health assessment and engage in mental-health counseling as indicated.

• Complete a health assessment with the nurse.

• Maintain sobriety and participate in substance-abuse education classes and support groups, as required.

Full CW buliding

Our transitional/permanent housing program provides housing for 36 veteran, male residents on-site and coordinates off-campus housing for our female students.

During fiscal year 2006-07, 85 people were housed, with one percent remaining in housing for less than one month. Twenty percent were with us from one-to-two months, 51% from three-to-six months, 17% from seven-to-twelve months, and 11% were enrolled for more than 13 months.