Housing for Veterans

News 4 Jax – Housing for Veterans

The development is designed as a mixed-use commercial and housing development to include supportive services for homeless veteran and low-income.   The three-story rehabilitation development will feature housing on the second and third floors, comprising approximately 14,500 square feet, and will provide sixteen (16) fully furnished units.  The Veteran’s Administration (VA) will provide accessible on-site support services. Supportive services will be provided by both the CWM and VA.  Services will include comprehensive case management, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, job training/job placement, budget and financial counseling, meals, life skills training, random drug screenings and 24 hr. security.

The design of the units will include a bedroom area, living space, kitchen and bathroom.  The facility will include a laundry room, storage and equipment rooms for the residents. The ground floor will house approximately 1900 square feet of leased commercial and administrative offices for the VA Community Outreach Team