Powerhouse Companies Match Donations to Help Clara White Mission

Less than one week ago, Ju’Coby Pittman, CEO/President of Clara White Mission, announced that the Mission has been battling to continue providing services to Jacksonville’s homeless, veterans and low-income. Devastating cuts in funding have forced the Mission to reduce feeding the homeless from seven days to five days, with the risk of cutting programs and services to three days a week. There is also a risk of cuts being made to the adult vocational training and operations.

The Jaguars Foundation immediately stepped-in with a lead gift of $75,000 last week. Peter Racine, senior vice president of the Jaguars Foundation, said, “The work of the Clara White Mission to provide a hand-up to those in-need, particularly the hungry and the homeless, and a path forward to safe housing and economic stability is vitally important to Jacksonville. Due to circumstances beyond its control, the Mission itself is in a critical need for funding. The Jaguars Foundation is providing a $75,000 grant, while asking other community partners in joining them to ensure services continue.”

The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic and Steve and Anne Pajcic quickly heeded the call and will match the Jaguar’s $75,000 gift with representatives from the firm and the Jaguars standing side by side to show their support. Jaxson de Ville and Roar cheerleaders will also attend. Mr. Pajcic explained why the firm is getting involved. “When we heard about the drastic federal cuts to the Clara White Mission, the Pajcics did not hesitate to pitch in. The Clara White Mission serves a vital role in our community, and the loss of funding would have devastating results. We are hopeful our donation will encourage others in Jacksonville to give what they can to help Clara White, and thus help those with the greatest needs to land on their feet and achieve success.”

The Mission’s Call-To-Action Donation Challenge to date has raised $200,000 by garnering other well-known powerhouse companies and partners to join the challenge such as bestbet, Sysco, Chartwells and the Weavers’ Endowment. Clara White Mission board members and local citizens have also made contributions that are helping meet the funding shortage through the summer. To meet the $425,000 challenge, the Mission still needs to raise $225,000 by Aug. 30.

The Mission has not quite reached its goal yet, but it is hoping that other partners, businesses and churches will see this outpouring of support and decide to join the Call-to-Action Donation Challenge. To make a donation, please visit www.theclarawhitemission.org, call (904) 354-4162 or mail to Clara White Mission, 613 W. Ashley St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.


News Conference – Funding Update,  Tuesday, July 9, 10:30 a.m.