Centered h1 Title

This is some text in a sample paragraph. Notice how no span elements are necessarily needed, and how a class is used in the p tag to define the style instead of in-line stylings. The above image’s src attribute points to files stored on this site, not the the old clara white website. Also, Strong tags (bold text) are managed by the CSS.

Long sections (like this one is starting to be) should be broken up using pictures. People will be more prone to be drawn to a page if it contains pretty pictures; walls of text are bad (tl;dr exists). So, make sure to break up sections or logical blocks of text using images, dividers, or both!

Uncentered h2 title

This is another paragraph, this time without any classes applied to the tag. The above title is a little bit smaller since it is a h2, and no classes have been applied to it to center it. No classes or tags are needed for “a” tags (links) – the CSS takes care of it for you.