The activities of the Clara White Mission fall into six main categories: Feeding Program, Educational Programs, Housing Program, Clara at the Cathedral, Ashley Street Catering and White Harvest Farms. Though these programs cover many different areas, they are all united in our goal to help at-risk individuals return to dignity and productivity by gaining new perspectives on life.

Feeding Program

Continuing a tradition that began when Clara White fed hungry neighbors during the 1880s, the Mission’s feeding program provides hot, nutritious meals to our area’s homeless population seven days a week. Learn more >>.

Educational Programs

Food is not enough. Housing is not enough. The Clara White Mission works to help people live self-supporting lives with fulfilling jobs. Toward that goal, our educational programs offer training in culinary arts and janitorial services. Learn more >>.

Housing Program

Few things mean more to homeless individuals than a clean, welcoming place to live while restoring their lives. The Clara White Mission provides that housing while working to move participants to permanent housing and independent living within 24 months. Our transitional housing and on-site Drop-In Day Center are facilities focused on providing resources to assist homeless, low-income veterans in need. Learn more >>.

Clara’s at the Cathedral

As part of our goal to offer valuable job training, the Mission operates Clara’s at the Cathedral, a training café featuring an upscale menu at St. John’s Cathedral Church. We invite you to visit. Learn more ».

Riverside North

Riverside North provides a meeting space for corporate and special events, while also serving as a space for on-the job training and employment development. Learn more >>.

Skip a Meal

Do you know what hunger feels like? Do you know that painful, empty, grumbling feeling in your stomach? That dizzy feeling that comes from skipping a meal? Think about having that feeling—all the time. Your remedy is to eat a meal. But for thousands of homeless people in Jacksonville, that is not an option. Help us feed our city’s homeless and ease their pain. Learn more >>.

White Harvest Farms

Our newest program was developed to provide fresh food options in a community in which fresh, affordable food is difficult to obtain and offer job training and creation for homeless and low-income veterans. Our program is designed to address the critical health disparities of families living in a “food desert” community. Future plans include the development of a farmers market, a green house, an educational facility and a new Eartha M.M. White museum. Learn more >>.